The influence of physiological and histological characteristics of the leaves on the biochemical constitution and storability of pear fruits

 Head: Prof. Dr.Gordana Djuric, Professor

Research team:
Prof. Dr. Zlatko Čmelik, Professor
Prof. Dr. Rajko Vidrih, Professor
Doc. Dr. Boris Pasalic, docent
Doc. Dr. Mirjana Zabic, docent
Mr. Sanda Stanivuković, young researcher
Implementation time: 2013-2015
Sources of funding: Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Srpska, program to support projects with young researchers
Brief description: The main goal of the research is to study the physiological, biochemical and  of pomology parameters  of pear fruits immediately after harvest and after storage in cold storage at normal atmosphere (NA) depending on the photosynthetic activity leaf at different positions on the tree with different exposures. The research will be carried out during 2013, 2014 and 2015. in pear orchards in Jablanica - Banja Luka. The tree from which will be taken leaves and fruits of the analysis will be divided so that the samples taken from the three zones of the tree (top, middle and baze) with two exposures (East and West). Pomological characteristics of the fruit will be examined following methodological steps: determination of the weight of the fruit, leakage fruit during storage, the fruit flesh hardness and determination of soluble solids content in the cell juice of the fruit flesh. Biochemical analysis will be performed to determine the following parameters of fruits: pH homogenized pulp of the fruit, moisture content, total organic acids, vitamin C, the antioxidant activity of the sample, the content of total phenolics and total flavonoids. These analyzes will be performed by the fruit immediately after harvest and after storage of fruit in cold storage at normal atmosphere (NA). Histo-cytological analysis of the leaf will be made using the paraffin technique, fixation, staining with the FAA, Delafildovim hematoxylin staining. Microscopy and recording performed histo - cytological preparations, however, the microscope "Olympus Wanoks T" with software processing of microscopic images "P-Soft". In addition to the histo-cytological analysis of the leaf will be done and physiological analysis of the leaf as follows: photosynthesis, transpiration and stomatal conductance. These analyzes will be performed using the LCi-SD device for monitoring physiology which enables access to all sites using the conventional system infrared gas analyzer. One of the key contributions of the project's scientific training of young researchers with the knowledge and ability to appropriately approach to planning and implementation of research, as well as to set forth principles which stem from the research results, properly interpreted and implemented in production conditions.