September 5th 2011

Unlike traditional energy planning, the utilization of renewable energy sources (RES) directs energy planning from centralized, national projects to the projects of regional or local importance in local communities. Biomass ultilization offers the possibility of bringing about positive socio-economic and environmental impacts.

Agricultural sources of biomass used for energy purposes are waste and residues from agricultural production and energy crops. The main forms of biomass exploitation are the production of biogas, biodiesel and bioethanol. Biogas can be used to produce electricity and heat, as well as for the production of biomethane that can be further used as motor fuel or as joined to natural gas network. Biodiesel and bioethanol are used as motor vehicle fuel. They can be used as clean fuels, but for technical reasons, they are usually mixed with fossil fuels.

For the purpose of sustainable use of natural resources and the promotion of RES, it is necessary to reconcile energy utilization of agricultural biomass with other policies, principally with food production, so as to achieve the benefits associated with diversification of rural production and environmental protection.


Project ABCDE Posavina (Agricultural Biomass Cross-border Development of Energy in Posavina) is being implemented within the Cross Border Programme Croatia - Bosnia and Herzegovina 2007 - 2013. It is being participated by the Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar (EIHP) and the Genetic Resources Institute of the University of Banja Luka (GRI), as the project holders in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as Vukovar-Srijem County, Brčko District and the following municipalities: Orašje, Odžak, Domaljevac-Šamac and Šamac, as their project partners. The implementation began on March 1st 2011, while project activities will last 24 months.

The focus of the project ABCDE Posavina is to promote energy exploitation of agricultural biomass in Posavina. The target region includes Vukovar-Srijem County, Brčko District and municipalities: Šamac, Orašje, Odžak and Domaljevac-Šamac.

The project has four specific objectives:

Ø  The analyzing of the capacity for agricultural biomass utilization in the region

Ø  Including of agricultural biomass utilization in regional/local development plans

Ø  Farmers' training

Ø  The promotion of biomass energy utilization with the aim of sustainable       development

Primary target groups include regional and local authorities, farmers, agricultural secondary schools in the region and potential investors. A variety of materials as well as workshops and promotional meetings are going to be prepared and organized for them.

At 10 a.m. on September 6th 2011 the second meeting of ABCDE Posavina project partners will be held in the Hotel Euro in Odžak.


For more information, please contact:


Prof Gordana Đurić, PhD

University of Banja Luka

Bulevar vojvode Petra Bojovića

78000 Banja Luka, the Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Тel: +387 51 312216, 330933

Fax: +387 51 312818

Email: gordanadju@gmail.com


Borut Bosančić

University of Banja Luka

Bulevar vojvode Petra Bojovića

78000 Banja Luka, the Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Тel: +387 51 312216

Fax: +387 51 312818

Email: borutbosancic@gmail.com


Mijo Stanić, Expert Advisor for Agriculture, Forestry, Water Management and Veterinary

Municipality Odžak, Posavina Canton, Federation BiH

Tel. +387 31 761 061; +387 31 761 027

Еmail: gospodarstvo@odzak.ba


Veljko Vorkapić

Еnergy Institute Hrvoje Požar

Savska cesta 163

10001 Zagreb, Croatia

Tel:  +385 1 6326 122

Fax:  +385 1 6040 599

Email: vvorkapic@eihp.hr    

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