The Evaluation and Genetic Characterization of Autochthonous Types of Fruit Tress and Vines in the Republic of Srpska


The coordinator: prof Gordana Djurić, PhD

The project supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Srpska

The geoplazma of autochthonous genotypes of fruit tress and vines  in the Republic of Srpska has not been systematically studied, although there are the data about their noticeable biodiversity on this area.(Djurić et al.,2007)
The Republic of Srpska , like some other countries, have been under the influence of various civilization and cultures. The first mentioned information on growing these crops dates back to the time of the Ottoman rule, and the first list and statistical analysis of these crops date from the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The most important were the apple, pear and plum. The situation is the same with vines; the medieval Bosnia was known as a country оf wine making                                       together with the southern part of the Hum and Herzegovina (Kraljević, 2006). It is believed at that time many cultivars were brough from the east and west at the area of the Republic of Srpska, and they often got different local names  in different regions while they participated through spontaneous or planned hybridization and selection in development of new cultivars which would later be called autochthonous cultivars.

The activities on the conservation of valuable genotypes  restarted in the Republic of Srpska in 2005 through the Seednet project and  with support of the Government of the Republic of Srpska. Since then the inventarization, collection and partial evaluation of autochthonous genotypes of fruit tress have been carried out . Since 2005 a considerable part of the territories in the Republic of Srpska has been inventarized and a certain number of  genotypes have been collected, grafted and regenerated within the existing collection orchards of  fruit tress (Banja Luka, the Botanical Garden) and vines (Sjeverovci, Dubica). For a certain number of genotypes  the pomological evaluation of the fruit flesh have been made. The results of the researches show the richness and diversity of germplasm of fruit trees and vines in the Republic of Srpska which have not been researched  sistematically yet.The germplasm of fruit tress and vines in the Republic of Srpska  is a significant source of interesting properties: resistance to pests and disease agents , excellent taste, exceptional color of the epidermis and fruit flesh, the ripening time, vegetative and generative potential ,etc., which  characterize certain genotypes. Hence, such genotypes of tree fruits and vines are the research subject of this project.

The evolution and genetic characterization will make the profile of  genotypes and, in this way, the autochthonous material of the Republic of Srpska can be included in the broader analysis – by determining the degree of familiarity with current cultivars; by determining potential parents and close relatives as well as the place of origin of the described material.
The importance of the results is reflected in defining significant properties of autochthonous genotypes of the fruit tress and vines in the Republic of Srpska as potential benefits for future researches and determing the place of the autochthonous genotypes in the world population of fruit trees and vines.


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