Second International Symposium on Fruit Culture along Silk Road Countries “Fruits for the Future”, Trebinje

 Second International Symposium on Fruit Culture along Silk Road Countries “Fruits for the Future” will be held in Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina, from October 2nd to 6th, 2017, under the aegis of the International Society for Horticultural Science.

The host of this Symposium will be the Society for Horticultural Sciences of Bosnia and Herzegovina with support of Genetic Resources Institute of the University of Banja Luka and the Society for Pomology of Republic of Srpska.
Territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina was exposed to the influence of different civilizations throughout the history. Chronicle of fruit cultivation before Slavs came to the Balkans, is not known well, but there are evidences proving that Slavs found culture of fruit cultivation in this area. The first written proofs of fruit cultivation in the area of Bosnia and Herzegovina date from the 16th century, but first registers and statistics on fruit growing were done in the period from 1882 till 1896.

There are numerous foreign cultivars from the East and the West introduced on this territory and very often the same cultivars were given different names in different places by local people. Also, by spontaneous or planned hybridization and selection, these cultivars were included into creation of new autochthonous cultivars. In the 20th century, great attention was paid to the improvement of fruit growing and a great number of nurseries and agricultural schools were established where collection orchards of autochthonous and newly introduced fruit cultivars were formed and established.

All above mentioned facts indicate that this region as well, as all the regions of former Yugoslavia, became very rich in fruit genetic resources. Although the region of Former Yugoslavia, or newly created countries, could be considered as a primary gene centre for some fruit species, that fact is not mentioned in the literature due to the lack of systematic researches in earlier period.
This Symposium is a great opportunity for improvement of our knowledge about fruits but also for better West – East cooperation.

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  • 01.10.2017. год.