Content of heavy metals in forest soils on ultrabasic parent material - vegetation as a phytoremediators

 Coordinator: Prof. dr Nada Šumatić

Supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Republic of Srpska

 The subject of this research is determination of content of some heavy metals (Pb, Cr, Cd and Ni) in forest soils that have developed on peridotit - serpentinic parent rocks in the area Ukrina, Gozna and Teslic, and their concentration in tissues of some forests plants.

Determination of the concentration of these heavy metals in forest soils, and wild plants tissues of certain species which are widespread in research area, would give more accurate picture about potential of those wild plants and possibilities for their application as phytoremediator of contaminated soil.

This research will give valuable results about which plants can be used for treatment of waste, soil contaminated with heavy metals, by applying very simple measures that do not require large financial investments.

Research areas are peridotit - serpentintinic substrates of Ukrina, Gozna and Teslic area, which were chosen because, the specific chemical properties of ultrabasic rocks that contain a concentration of some heavy metals in origin.

 Implementation of these recommendations will give following results:

1.      Successful rehabilitation of contaminated land throughout the Republic of Srpska,

2.      Improving the state of contaminated soil,

3.      Reduction of heavy metals concentration in soil with preserving the environment,

4.       Reducing costs of rehabilitation of contaminated land,

5.      Reducing cost of rehabilitation of waste.

6.      Expanding the scope of existing scientific knowledge in the field of phytoremediation in the Republic of Srpska,

7.      Definition of plant species that have high potential as a soil phytoremediators,

8.      Recommendations for the application of plant species as phytoremediators,

9.      Expanding knowledge about the possibilities of application of phytoremediation.